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Pix of ME! (5-6 months old)

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I'm too cute. How do you like my haircut?
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Programming in Assembly Language. Boy that's tough!
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I love my octopus shirt.
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I am hitting Dad's ears.
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This is really going to embarrass me in 15 years!

M66.JPG (54241 bytes)

Check out my Turkey thighs.
I hear Butterball called looking for me.
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My mom and I are so cool. Milk is cool, man.

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Reaching for the stickshift in my car..
M69.JPG (41949 bytes)

Here I am with 3 clowns.
M6A.JPG (43774 bytes)

Me and my mommy hanging out.
M6B.JPG (47015 bytes)

Helping do the laundry.
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Staring contest with SnuggleBunny. I won.
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Picking out my favorite flavors of baby food.
W95.JPG (41562 bytes)

This is when I was an immature 2 month old baby!
M6E.JPG (42768 bytes)

I'm much bigger now!

M6F.JPG (39658 bytes)

Ack! My mommy is missing the top part of her head!

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